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File Options

The Vita offers a variety of system files.

Communication files
All users can quickly access the heart of the Vita resource by using the Communication files. The Vita presents 4 different styles of file:

* Talking about
Talking about files combine all of the possible combinations of tense, subject and form to give you everything you need in order to say exactly what you want, in all of the different situations that the Vita provides.

* Topics
Topic files give you an opportunity to speak from your own personal point of view on a wide range of subjects.

* Conversations
Conversations produce mini- dialogues to help you use English in common conversations.

* Lifeskills
Lifeskills cover common social skills in English such as ‘Introducing yourself’, ‘Giving your address’ or describing your ‘home’ and ‘family’.

Learning files
For users more focused on a learning pathway the Vita presents a series of Learning Files. Each file covers a specific topic and includes:
* Key topic file.
* Grammar file that presents key items used in the topic file.
* Comprehensive topic wordlist.
* Vocabulary Builder: Some learning files will also contain a specific vocabulary builder.

Grammar Files
The Vita covers a full range of essential English grammar points. Individual items are presented in context in the Learning files.
The Vita also has a separate master file, Grammar Search Engine, where you can search for any point of interest to you.

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